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Concurrent Classes: Feature Overview
Concurrent Classes: Feature Overview

How to live stream classes that overlap or occur at the same time.

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Ready to take your class schedule to the next level? FitGrid LIVE offers you the ability to live stream your classes. Now you can get even more out of our integration by beta-testing our Concurrent Class capability.

Here's how it works:

  1. Schedule overlapping classes in Mindbody.

  2. Purchase multiple Zoom users on the Zoom account linked to FitGrid.
    You will need a number of licensed (paid) Zoom users equal to the maximum number of overlapping classes on your schedule at any one time.

  3. Zoom Enable your classes in the FitGrid dashboard.
    Enable your classes and verify they've been scheduled with different Zoom users.

  4. Stream your overlapping classes!

Why use this feature?

  • You're already streaming multiple classes at once.
    You may already be streaming two classes at once and manually sending one set of links.

  • You want to offer two different types of class at a popular class time.
    Service more of your regular clients by offering two different classes during a high-volume class time.

How to get started:

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