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Multiple Zoom Classes Setup Guide
Multiple Zoom Classes Setup Guide

Configure users and settings to offer overlapping classes

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FitGrid LIVE gives your studio the ability to live-stream multiple classes at the same time. We are currently offering this to all Silver and Gold level FitGrid customers on a per request basis. This guide explains the steps necessary to prepare for activating this feature.

How It Works

A Zoom user is required to host each meeting (class) and a Zoom user cannot host more than one meeting at the same time. For example, if you want to host 3 classes at the same time you will need 3 Pro level (or higher) users in your Zoom account. Each new Pro user will cost $14.99 per month (paid to Zoom).

Setup Step 1: User Setup

To understand how many new Zoom users you might need, consider the max number of classes you will have that start at the same time or that overlap each other. A class ending at 1:30 and a class starting at 1:30 do not count as concurrent. A one hour class starting at 1:00 and another one hour class starting at 1:30, are considered concurrent and will need 2 Zoom users.

What you'll need

  • Access to Zoom account connected to FitGrid

  • The ability to add licensed (paid/Pro) users to this account

  • Access to the email addresses you use for the new user accounts

What to do

  • Add additional licensed users (Pro or higher) to the Zoom account connected to your FitGrid account. Be sure to add enough new users to satisfy all the maximum number of concurrent classes.

Setup Step 2: Classes Setup (in MINDBODY)

Your studio may already have overlapping classes left on the schedule, but not "Zoom Enabled" for FitGrid. If this is the case please skip to the next section. If you do not have any overlapping classes and would like to add them, please set them up as you normally would at times that overlap, but do not "Zoom Enable" them in FitGrid once they show up.

What you'll need

  • At least one pair of overlapping/concurrent classes on your schedule. These can be public or they can be hidden, they can be real classes or they can be test/fake classes. These classes are needed so that we can verify your configuration.

What to do

  • In Mindbody, go to your Home tab, select Services & Pricing from the sub-menu, click the classes link on the left, open an existing service category and click the +Add a Class under the Services & Pricing page.

Setup Step 3: Let us know you're ready!

Once you've added the new users to your zoom account and at least one pair of overlapping classes, you're almost ready to go! All that's left is to send us a message at for us to verify your settings. Once this is complete you are ready to stream concurrent classes!


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