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What to do when your client/instructor can't find their FitGrid LIVE emails
What to do when your client/instructor can't find their FitGrid LIVE emails

Common causes of missing emails and their solutions

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The emails sent by FitGrid LIVE are valuable–they contain access to exercise, stress relief, and community. So if one of these emails goes missing, it can feel like a big deal to instructors and clients alike!

So how does this happen? And what can you do about it?

The quick fix:

Ultimately, you'll want to fix the root cause of email issues with your client or instructor. But first, you may need to simply solve the immediate problem by getting the individual into an upcoming class. Here's how to do that:

  • If a client is having this issue, log into FG LIVE, locate the class in question, and click Details. Click "Copy Link" next to the client's name, and paste the link into an email or text and send to them. If Zoom asks them for a Meeting ID or password, you can extract this info from the link itself.

  • If an instructor is having this issue, follow the same steps as above–but when you arrive at the Details page, you'll see a link that says "Start Meeting" rather than "Copy Link." Don't worry, you can still copy it! Just alternate-click on "Start Meeting" and choose "Copy Link Address" from the resulting menu.

Reason #1–the email is hiding in the inbox

The cause:

This is the most common issue we see here at FitGrid. Most of the time when someone writes to us and tells us they didn't receive a critical email, it's actually hiding in the spam folder or Gmail's "Promotions" tab.

The solution:

Add for client and and for instructors to your contacts, and create a filter to always mark our messages as important and never send them to spam or Promotions. Use the search function in your email client to find where emails from FitGrid might be hiding. This particular problem is all about learning curve–once someone becomes skilled at searching and filtering in their email client, this issue goes away. You can see if a filter is in place by "searching" the inbox from emails from FitGrid.

Reason #2–the recipient is using Hotmail

The cause:

For years, Hotmail has been known to aggressively filter mail–even essential messages like password resets–and not show the user what is being filtered. This can and does happen to FitGrid emails occasionally, even though our email sender reputation is one of the best in the biz.

The solution:

The only reliable solution here is... don't use Hotmail. We know that opening a new email address and learning a new system isn't easy. But those who do make a switch often find themselves happy to begin receiving many important important emails that they had been missing previously.

Reason #3–an email bounced

The cause:

When we send an email, occasionally the recipient's server will reject that message; this is called a bounce. After that, all future emails will be suppressed until the bounce is fixed on the recipient's end. Bounces are most often caused by the recipient accidentally marking one of our emails as spam. They can also occur if there is a typo in the recipient's email address, or if the delivery server is unreliable and cannot locate the recipient due to a problem with their system (this happens most often with email accounts provided by smaller telecoms).

The solution:

The FitGrid team is able to dig into the email servers and can sometimes uncover the cause of bounce issues, then advise you on resolving them. So if you've confirmed that an email issue isn't #1 or #2 above, reach out to so we can help identify the specific solution. Be sure to tell us the following info:

  • The name of your studio

  • The email recipient's name

  • The email recipient's email address

  • The name of the class for which they cannot locate their email

  • The date and start time of the class for which they cannot locate their email

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