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Activate “Can See Feedback” in Pro App
Activate “Can See Feedback” in Pro App
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If your studio has FitGrid’s Client Feedback feature activated, a portion of the feedback being left for instructors can be delivered to their app so they can see what clients are saying about their classes.

We’ve found that generally 90%+ of the feedback being left for instructors is very positive, and is the type of content that might influence an instructor to login to the app and check. Importantly, it’s prompting them to use the app in some way.

Getting instructors to open the app is one of the most important tasks in allowing instructors to send follow up messages, and enticing them with positive feedback is a effective way to do that.

  • To learn more about Client Feedback at your studio click here

  • To turn on the ability for Instructors to see their own feedback, click here

  • To view how instructors see the feedback in the Pro App click here

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