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Feature Overview: Client Feedback
Feature Overview: Client Feedback

Client Feedback allows you to collect and track comments and ratings from clients about specific classes and instructors.

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FitGrid's Client Feedback allows studio owners to receive valuable feedback directly from their clients—without creating any additional work.

It provides the studio with a dashboard where they can analyze positive and negative reviews, and it sends automatic alerts to studio owners when negative reviews are received. You can choose whether or not instructors can see comments on their classes (they cannot see numerical ratings).

Here's how it works:

  • You control which instructors to request feedback on.

  • You control which instructors can view feedback within the FitGrid Pro App.

  • Instructors receive an email announcing that this feature has been turned on and how it works.

  • FitGrid sends quick and easy surveys to clients via email after they take class.

  • Clients rate their experience on a 1-10 scale, with the option to leave written comments.

  • Ratings between 1-6 require written feedback comments.

  • Clients are invited to complete a survey once every 3 months per enabled instructor whose class they attend.

Why use this feature?

  • You'll receive unique and timely insights, feedback, and praise from your clients.
    Being a studio owner, manager or admin is a busy job and you are not always able to attend every class. The feedback feature allows you to hear what is going on in class and receive valuable insights about the good and the bad, and what may need to be addressed or praised.

  • FitGrid does the work for you. The system creates and sends the messages for you. You do not need to remember to send messages, or add staff to monitor the replies. Everything is stored in Studio Admin for you to review anytime!

How to get started:

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