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Client Feedback Surveys Information for Instructors
Client Feedback Surveys Information for Instructors

See exactly what your clients are thinking with regards to your teaching style and classes.

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1. Overview

The Client Feedback feature on the FitGrid Pro App allows you to see exactly what your clients are thinking with regards to your teaching style and classes. Review anonymous feedback and comments to see what is working well in your classes and what you could improve upon. This article will explore all the elements within Client Feedback.

2. Getting Started

This feature is only available to instructors who have been enabled to use it by their studio admin. Once enabled, the feature will be added to the Home tab of your FitGrid Pro app.

To start reviewing your messages, click the Client Feedback: __ new messages button. Here you will find a list of all the new feedback messages from the time your studio admin enabled the feature.

Click the message that you would like to view. Then click anywhere outside of the message to exit. The message will be marked as read, and will be removed from the list of new messages after you exit out.

To view read messages, click the “Show already read” button in the top right corner.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Client Feedback Surveys?

A: One of FitGrid’s features, Client Feedback Surveys, gives your clients the opportunity to review your teaching style and provide direct feedback on their class experience , giving you the advantage of deeper insight into your community.

Unlike other survey programs, FitGrid Client Feedback Surveys give you and your studio admin feedback directly from clients in your class. This helps you to better understand what your clients really love about your classes as well as provide you with constructive advice to help further improve their experience.

Q: How often are clients sent requests for reviews?

A: Clients will be emailed a survey after class every 3 months, inviting them to leave real-time feedback. For example, if a client takes your class 3 days in a row, he or she will only receive a survey after the first class, but if a client takes classes from you and another instructor in one week, then he or she will receive two different surveys. Clients will never receive more than one survey in a 3 month span, per instructor.

Q: What do owners and managers see?

A: FitGrid admins have direct access to view client feedback and client profiles. If an instructor receives a score lower than 6, and email is also sent to the studio owner.

Q: What do instructors see?

A: You will receive anonymous client feedback directly through your FitGrid Pro App.

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