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Rewards: How they work & how to set them up at your studio
Rewards: How they work & how to set them up at your studio
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The FitGrid Class app is an all-new, fitness social network, with thousands of consumers looking for fitness classes through our discovery, recommendation, and referral engines. Rewards help your business attract new clients by offering a complimentary class at your studio for newcomers. This article looks at how the rewards program works, how to set up the Reward Class in Mindbody, as well as some FAQs.


  1. Understanding how the reward program works

  2. Set up the Pricing Option in Mindbody

  3. Frequently asked questions

Reward Program Rules for Consumers

  • Upon signing up to the FitGrid Class app consumers are given 1 reward credit.

  • 1 reward credit = 1 pass to a studio they have never been to before.

  • Only new clients will be able to use a reward credit at your studio.

  • In order to earn additional credits, consumers must book and attend 3 classes at your studio. They must book using the FitGrid Class app, after attending 3 classes, they earn 1 reward credit to be used at a studio they have never been to before.

  • Consumers are only able to earn a maximum of 5 credits within the FitGrid Class app Rewards program.

  • Reward credits expire 3 months after they are earned.

Rewards Pricing Option Setup

In order to participate and acquire new clients through FitGrid Rewards, you will need to configure a FitGrid Reward Class pricing option in Mindbody. Once the pricing option has been configured, first-time clients will be able to redeem reward credits to book a class at your studio

Setting up the FitGrid Reward Class pricing option is easy. Follow the link below to get started. Please note that you must create a FitGrid Reward Class pricing option for each Service Category where the reward is applicable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to redeem the reward?

Only brand new, first-time clients are eligible to redeem the free class, this is based on the visit data we have for your studio.

Could someone redeem multiple free classes at my studio?

No, they can not. Only one complimentary class per new client, we’ve put measures in place to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Can I turn rewards off?

Absolutely. Reward credits exist based on your pricing options. Disabling the pricing option will turn the rewards feature off.

Can I only offer a reward for certain class categories?

Yes. Since reward classes are set up under a specific Service Category, you can restrict the pricing option to only apply to Livestream classes, for example.

Do I get a Client’s information when they book using reward credits?

Yes, a new client profile is created in your Mindbody site when they book. Also at the time of booking, clients are given the opportunity to opt into your marketing message.

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