How to Create a FitGrid Reward Pricing Option

Learn how to set up a reward class for the new FitGrid app for clients

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The new FitGrid app for clients allows you to access millions of new potential customers through our discovery, recommendation, and referral engines. The app’s built-in Rewards program also rewards clients for returning to their favorite studios, helping you achieve true client loyalty and cultivating in-app communities.

To get the benefits of the FitGrid app for your studio, you must participate in the Rewards program by creating a special pricing option inside MINDBODY. This pricing option will not be available to the public–the FitGrid app will use it behind the scenes.

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up the FitGrid Reward Class pricing option for new clients referred by the FitGrid app that have never visited your studio before.

Steps Outline

  1. Access the Pricing Options setup screen

  2. Set up the Pricing Option

  3. Additional things to Know

Step 1: Locate the Pricing Options setup screen

  1. Login to your MINDBODY software as a manager or owner.

  2. Click on the Home tab and select Manager Tools.

  3. Within the Pricing section, choose the Pricing Options link.

  4. Click the +Add New button at the top right.

Step 2: Complete the fields for the FitGrid pricing option


  1. Pricing Option Name: FitGrid Reward Class

  2. Number of sessions: Limited sessions (visits)

  3. Service category: Choose the correct service category. NOTE: you will need to create a FitGrid pricing option for each classes-type service category.

  4. Revenue Categories: Choose the revenue category where you’d like sales of this pricing option to be reported.

  5. Expires after (Duration): 3 months


  1. Price: Enter "0"

  2. Sell Online: Unchecked

  3. Number of Sessions: 1

  4. Use Per Session Pricing: Checked

Activation Date

  1. Set to "On the sale date."

Advanced Settings

  1. Pricing Option Priority: High

  2. Check "Third-party discount pricing."

  3. No other advanced options should be selected.

When you're done creating the pricing option, click Save.

Step 3: Additional Things to Know

  • For classes, this setup uses a feature called third-party discount pricing. To keep your consumers from booking outside of their required classes, this feature will automatically refund the pricing option when clients cancel out of the class—be it online by the customer or within business mode by a member of your staff. The pricing option will also be returned automatically if you reassign payment to a new pricing option or choose the "Make Unpaid" option from the Account Details screen.

  • Once a pricing option is set as "Third-party discount pricing" it can't be changed.

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