Zoom class links for clients are sent by email one hour before the class start time. Instructors receive their email with the link to begin class 30 minutes before the class start time. Here are a few reasons why an instructor or client may have trouble finding the emails with the class link:

  • Sometimes emails can end up in spam, or if the instructor has Gmail, the emails can end up under the Promotions tab . Ask the instructor to “Search” their inbox for emails from hello@fitgrid.com and instructor-support@fitgrid.com

  • Some email servers have filters in place to catch potential “spam” emails. We highly recommend you tell your instructor to set up their email to mark all messages from "hello@fitgrid.com" and "instructor-support@fitgrid.com" as “Important”, so they always go to the primary inbox.

  • Lastly, emails are sent to the address linked to the instructors “staff” profile in Mindbody, and to the client’s Mindbody contact email. Please confirm that the instructor and clients are checking thethe correct email.

If the instructor is still having trouble finding their link, a studio admin can copy the Start Link from the FitGrid Studio dashboard.Go to the Zoom enabled class and click the "Details" button.

Alternate Click (sometimes known as right click) on the “start meeting” button. A drop down menu will appear, select “copy”. You can then paste the link in an email to the instructor.

For clients, click the Copy Zoom Link button, and then paste it in an email to the client.

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