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Adding Concurrent Classes in Mindbody
Adding Concurrent Classes in Mindbody

How to setup concurrent classes in Mindbody

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Note, this feature is currently in beta testing and the beta test is currently closed. If you have an ongoing need to stream two classes at once, please contact us at

Your studio may already have overlapping classes left on the schedule, but not "Zoom Enabled" for FitGrid. If this is the case please skip to the next section.

If you do not have any overlapping classes and would like to add them, please set them up as you normally would at times that overlap, but do not "Zoom Enable" them in FitGrid once they show up.

How to add a Class in Mindbody

  1. Go to your Home tab, and select Services & Pricing from the submenu.

  2. Click the Classes link on the left.

  3. Open an existing service category, or create a new one.

  4. Begin by clicking the +Add a Class under the Services & Pricing page.

  5. Under the Add a Class form, you'll name the class, set its class type.

How to Schedule a class in Mindbody

  1. Follow this guide from Mindbody to schedule a class

  2. Repeat as necessary until your schedule is satisfactory

How to add a TEST Class in Mindbody

You may want to test things before going live on your real schedule. If so, you can set up some concurrent classes and try them out (adding some fake clients to the class, checking confirmation emails, starting the class, etc.).

If you do this be sure to uncheck the "Show to Public” checkbox on the Edit Scheduled Event/Class screen in Mindbody. See screenshot

NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for classes to appear in FitGrid after you've added them in Mindbody. If you do not see the classes appear after 24 hours, please contact us. Full schedule available here.

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