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I'm a studio owner/manager. Why didn't I receive a link email for class?
I'm a studio owner/manager. Why didn't I receive a link email for class?

Troubleshooting missing Zoom link emails when you're a Zoom admin

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As a business owner using FitGrid LIVE, have you signed up for a class as a client and not received an email with the access link? 

Don't worry. Here's what to check:

  • Log into and click "Profile."

  • Look for the "Sign-In Email" section. Note the email address listed there.

  • Is this the same email address as the one associated with your client account in MINDBODY? If so, this is the problem.

  • To fix this, change the email address associated with your client account in MINDBODY and try again.

Why did this happen?

Here's a super-non-technical explanation: when you sign up for a Zoom account, Zoom says, "Okay, whenever we create a meeting from this account and this email address comes up, that means this is the meeting host."

But then, you integrate with FitGrid and sign up to take class in MINDBODY using that same email address. We pass this information over to Zoom, and Zoom goes a little crazy. It says, "Wait a minute! I thought this email address was for the meeting host, but now you're telling me to make this person a normal, non-host participant and send them that kind of email? But this is with their account?! I'm so confused! No, I won't stand for it. I won't allow this person to be both the host and a participant. That makes no sense. I wasn't built for this!"

And long story short, no participant email is sent.

Luckily, the solution is simple. If you just change the email address associated with the client account in MINDBODY, there will no longer be a conflict–signing up will begin to work normally again.

Confused? Here's an example:

Hanuman owns a yoga studio called The Lanka Lab. His email is He signs up for Zoom and integrates with FG using this email. That same email address is also connected to his "Test Test" client account in MINDBODY. Hanuman enrolls Test Test in a livestream class. No email is sent! So Hanuman early cancels his registration, then changes the Test Test email address to "" which is his other email address. Then he re-enrolls. Boom, an email is sent. Problem solved!

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