FitGrid LIVE currently supports one livestream class at a time. If a livestream class is ongoing and the next instructor clicks the unique link to begin the next livestream, they'll receive a warning that a session is ongoing, along with two options:

  1. "End the previous meeting and start a new one"

  2. "Don't do anything"

If they select #1, the prior livestream will end and everyone in that livestream will be removed. Catastrophic, right? So be sure to warn your instructors about this! If they select option #2, the first livestream will continue and the new livestream will not start.

Note: this only happens with instructor links. Clients who click their link before the stream starts simply go to a waiting room.

To ensure that there are no issues with overlapping classes, we recommend leaving at least 15 minutes between your classes and communicating clearly and repeatedly with your instructors. Advise them to check the schedule twice and ensure they are starting their streams 5 minutes before their scheduled start time.

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