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Feature Overview: Client Engagement
Feature Overview: Client Engagement
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FitGrid’s Client Engagement allows studios to stop wasting hours setting up impersonal templates and start deeply personalizing their outreach. This helps build better relationships within the community and drive revenue.

Here are some highlights of Client Engagement:

  1. Prioritization of your entire client base by who needs a message the most

  2. Email or Text any of your clients in just a few clicks

  3. Clients will now be marked with multiple segments, for example, an “At-Risk” client may be in the segment for “decreasing frequency” and “75% of their package used up.”

By opting into this you will have first access to the following:

  • Mass Messaging

  • Adjustable Priority Levels for Segments

  • Messaging automations

  • Lead Management

  • Improved AI

To sign up for Client Engagement email the Success Team at Once enabled, to access this feature within in Studio Admin, in the left menu go to Communication > Client Engagement.

In the Client Engagement screen you will see a client list and a filter on the left. The client list includes all clients that attended at least 1 class in the past 12 months.

Sending a message to a client

Click on the client you want to send a message to. In the upper right hand corner you will see the segment the client belongs to.

Select the “goal” for the message from the drop down. The message will automatically be generated.

Next, choose if you want to send the message as a text (if applicable) or an email message.

Using the filters

The filters on the left adjust the client list based on the boxes selected. As an example, if you want to send a message to the clients that have a birthday today, click the "Milestone" box labeled "Today birthday". The client list will update to reflect the clients that have a birthday today.

If you want to prevent sending a message to clients that already received a message within the last week click on the "no" box in the "recently engaged with" filter at the bottom of the filter screen. This will display clients that did not receive a message in the past seven days.

In addition, multiple filters can be selected at the same time.

You are able to see text messaging replies in the "Text Messages Replies" screen. Please note: Text messages that don't receive a response expire after three days.

You are able to see conversation history in the "History" screen.

What happens after a message is sent to a client?

  • The client tile will be placed at the bottom of the whole list.

  • The client tile will indicate the last time that the Client Engagement message was sent, with the recommendation to reach out again in 7 days.

  • After 7 days pass, the client will be cycled back into the list depending on the segments still applied to them.

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