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Client Engagement: Automations
Client Engagement: Automations
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Automations is now active within Client Engagement. To access Automations click on the Automations tab.

Once you try to activate or Edit the automation, you’ll be navigated to the Edit flow. Note: the field values are pre-defined, you need to either edit or confirm the default values.

a. Edit the name or description of the automation

b. Choose / Edit the target Audience, which has 3 different settings:

i. Communication Urgency setting. This is default and not currently editable. Which means, that the automation can be created/run only against what we call Urgent clients.

ii. Segments settings. This displays clients from which segments will be automated. You can uncheck/check values. At least 1 segment is required.

iii. Recent Engagement settings. Select if the Automation should skip the clients which were already contacted via the CE functionality in the last 7 days.

Note, this only takes into account CE and not Follow-ups or other parts of FitGrid communication.

iv. Check filters link. This will redirect the client to the CE main page with the chosen filters applied.

c. Time and Frequency. This allows to set when the Automation takes place.

i. Automation Time. Available values are from 06:00 AM until 11:30 PM EST.

ii. Automation Frequency. Available values are:

1. Every 1-29 Day(s)

2. Every 1-3 Week(s)

3. Every 1-12 Month(s)

iii. Starting On. The Date the automation should start sending messages

d. Action. On this last screen, you are only able to edit the Automation Sender, i.e. from which owner or manager name will be used in the email message. The other fields are currently not editable.

3. Save and Activate. Once all of the fields are set and confirmed, select the "Save and Activate: button. .

a. You will be redirected to the Automations tab where you can see some of the settings you have chosen.

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