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What is Client Outreach?

Client Outreach is feature that will analyze the behavior of your clients, and then prompt you to contact them with a message based on the "segment" they're in.

Each day, FitGrid will generate up to 30 clients (per location) to contact, and will assign them to a segment like "package expiring" or "decreasing frequency".

Who is the message sent from?

Messages are sent via email which consists of 3 parts:

  1. Sender Name

  2. Email Address

  3. Message Content

Sender Name: The message will be sent from first-name at studio-name. The first name would be the name of the user logged in and sending the message. For example, Alexa works at Breathe Yoga. In this scenario, the sender name would be:

  • Sender: Alexa at Breathe Yoga

However, we use a temporary email address to deliver the message, for example:

Can I edit the email signature?

Email signatures are not editable on the fly, but if you would like to make changes please contact

What are segments and where can I see all of them?

FitGrid analyzes the behavior of your clients such as data we see about visits, purchases, package expirations, streaks, spend patters and more. Based on this data, we will place a client into a segment such as:

  • Intro offer ending

  • Package about to expire

  • Highest spend

  • Decreasing frequency

  • Low utilization

Then, we make a task list that consists of a list of up to 30 clients in various segments, allowing you to ensure you're reaching a broad selection of clients.

Can you tell me more about templates?

Based on which segment a client is placed in, FitGrid will present a corresponding template to use, customize or delete. Don't like the template message? No problem! Feel free to write your own.

How often will clients appear?

FitGrid helps prevent over-communication by limiting the number of times a client can appear in the Client Outreach task list to no more than once every 30 days.

Want to learn more? Visit these resources:

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