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Feature Overview: Client Outreach
Feature Overview: Client Outreach

Sending messages from your managers and staff directly to clients

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FitGrid's Client Outreach feature allows studio managers and staff to create connections with important clients at precisely the right time. It provides your team with a clear action plan for building community–and increasing retention and sales–through authentic communication.

Here's how it works:

  • You control the managers and staff who have access to Client Outreach.

  • Every day your team receives a prioritized list of clients to communicate with.
    This list also explains why each client was selected and what your goals should be when sending them a message. 

  • Your team sends custom messages to each client individually.
    With a few clicks, you can examine the client's purchase and visit history, then write and send them a brief personalized message.

  • Clients receive Client Outreach messages in their email inbox.
    In the "from" field, the staff member's name will be displayed. This touch causes the email to feel more personal, which increases the chances that it'll be opened and read.

  • The client can reply and have a conversation with the staff member.
    The reply will be routed through FitGrid and show up in the staff member's email inbox. The staff member can also reply, and again the message will be routed through FitGrid before going to the client. This allows the staff member and client to have a conversation while keeping their personal email addresses private.

Why use this feature?

  • You'll receive unique and timely insights, feedback, and praise from your clients.
    When studios begin using this feature, they are often shocked (in a good way) by clients' detailed, generous replies to their messages.

  • Clients who receive Outreach messages spend more than those who don't.
    We sampled over 3,500 clients whose intro offers were about to expire–those who received an Outreach message spent an average of 103% more over the next 90 days than those who did not.

How to get started:

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