If your studio offers more than one type of class or if you offer fusion classes, use this feature to stand out and make your classes more discoverable in the app.

Feature: Assign up to 3 Key Activities per Class

You will have a default activity for your studio and each class inherits that activity. Now you have the option to change and further categorize individual classes as needed and assign up to 3 different activities.


Let’s say you’re a Yoga studio but you also offer unique, non-yoga classes each week like Pilates Fusion, a combination of Pilates, HIIT, and Kickboxing, now you can specify that with the keyword functionality. Use the drop-down activity selectors for that class, to select: Pilates, HIIT & Kickboxing. Now, when clients search in the FitGrid Class app to include any of these activities, your Pilates Fusion class will appear in the results.

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