Mindbody service categories are used to group similar services together. Scheduling all your virtual classes together classes together allows FitGrid to automatically enable these classes to be live streamed within your FitGrid LIVE dashboard.

Any classes that you do not wish to be live streamed must be scheduled within a different service category.

If you do not have your classes scheduled in separate class service categories, learn how to add service categories in your Mindbody site here.

Once all your virtual classes are scheduled separately from your in studio classes, toggle the live stream switch to ON for the virtual class service category. Note: If this toggle has been set to ON previously, turn it OFF and back ON again.

If you do not see this toggle and your studio is a part of a franchise network. Please contact your system administrator and have them add "enabling a Service Category for live streaming" permissions to your account.

Next Steps:

  • Review the Auto Zoom-Enable enhancement overview here.

  • Review the limitations and considerations when using Auto Zoom-Enable here.

  • To add the Auto Zoom-Enable enhancement to your FitGrid LIVE integration please start a chat with us in your Studio Admin dashboard.

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