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LIVE Auto Zoom-Enable: Limitations and Considerations
LIVE Auto Zoom-Enable: Limitations and Considerations

Review some of the limitations of the enhancement and how to use it successfully.

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Please note the following limitations when using FitGrid LIVE's Auto Zoom-Enable enhancement.

  1. This enhancement works based on how your Mindbody service categories are configured. Once the toggle is flipped for a particular class service category, all classes within the category will be enabled.

  2. Individual classes within this service categories cannot be disabled for live stream once this enhancement is enabled on your account.

  3. Changes made to classes will continue to update on the same schedule that FitGrid syncs with Mindbody. You can view that schedule by clicking here.

  4. This feature does not work with enrollment or workshop service categories in Mindbody.

  5. If all classes are showing as "disabled" within your FitGrid LIVE dashboard despite the live stream toggle being flipped to "ON", please turn the toggle to OFF and back ON again to resolve the issue.

  6. If you wish to stop the Automatic Zoom-Enabling of your classes, contact support and we will disable the enhancement for your studio. Once this is done, all classes listed in your FitGrid LIVE dashboard that were previously Zoom enabled automatically will still be enabled until the new instances load into FitGrid from your Mindbody.

  7. This functionality is not available for FitGrid studios who are currently using our Concurrent Classes, the ability to stream multiple classes at once.

For more information on how the Auto Zoom-Enable enhancement works, please review the overview here.

To add the Auto Zoom-Enable enhancement to your FitGrid LIVE integration, please review the set up guide here.

For any questions about this update, please start a chat with us in your Studio Admin dashboard.

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