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Enhancement Overview: Zoom Auto-Enablement
Enhancement Overview: Zoom Auto-Enablement

Automatically enable all your classes within a particular class service category.

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FitGrid LIVE offers the ability to automatically zoom-enable your classes, eliminating the need to manually check the “Zoom Enable” checkbox as each class is loaded into the FitGrid dashboard.

How It Works

Log into your Mindbody site as an administrator. Select Services and Pricing, then make sure you’re looking at Service Categories of the “Classes” type. You will see a toggle for each Service Category that allows a designation to be applied for live streaming through another software:

This occurs by default if you don't have the Mindbody Live stream add-on. If you do have the Mindbody Live stream on, a pop-up box will appear to confirm the host of your live stream classes. Select “No thanks, but still show my classes as live stream”:


Once this toggle is On and the text below says “You’re using another software to host live streams”, contact us at FitGrid. We will ensure that everything is set up correctly, and activate the Auto-Enable functionality on our side. After that, all classes in this service category will automatically be Zoom-Enabled as shown in this example:

FitGrid LIVE

What about other service categories? When the toggle in Mindbody is set to Off for a service category, and FitGrid LIVE's Auto Zoom-Enable enhancement is turned on, all classes in this service category will automatically be disabled (or not Zoom-Enabled) as shown in these examples:


FitGrid LIVE

Getting Started with Auto Zoom-Enable Enhancement

  1. To prepare your classes for Auto Zoom-Enable, make sure ALL live stream classes are in a Service Category with the toggle in Mindbody set to On, and that ALL classes that should not receive livestream links are in Service Categories where the toggle in Mindbody is set to "off". Note: If this toggle has been on prior to setting this feature up, click the toggle to "off", refresh the page and then click to toggle to "on" again.

  2. For more information on how to set up your class service categories, please review the set up guide here.

  3. Contact us by using the chat function in the Support area of our software and ask a representative to activate the Auto Zoom-Enable for your studio. Please note this may take up to 24-48 business hours to be completed.

To learn about the limitations and considerations for using this addition to your FitGrid LIVE integration please review here.

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