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FAQ: How do time zones work?
FAQ: How do time zones work?

Considerations and best practices to ensure that FitGrid classes are generated at the correct time

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When we create class sessions in Zoom and send emails, we rely upon the following information from Mindbody:

  • The times listed on your schedule.

  • The Location address (this is set on the Business Information page in Mindbody Business Mode).

Mindbody's API does not send us your timezone, so we use each Location's address to determine a latitude and longitude, and use those coordinates to determine your studio's local time and convert your schedule into UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

What are the implications of this?

  • Set the business address of each location in Mindbody carefully. If emails are being generated at the wrong time, make sure your Location addresses are in the same time zone as you use when scheduling your classes.

  • When someone from another time zone books a class with you through Mindbody, they will see the class in your studio's time zone, not their own.

  • But because FitGrid converts and store your schedule using UTC, if someone from another time zone signs up for class, they will receive emails at the correct time in their own time zone.

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