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Using social media to grow your Class App community
Using social media to grow your Class App community

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Use social media to tell your clients why they should download the Class App and how it will help them get more out of their experience with your studio. This article details the benefits of the Class App for your clients, as well as ways to use social media to get your clients on the App.

Why will my clients value the Class App?

  • Personalization: When your clients join the app, they’ll build a customized profile which makes your instructors aware of any pains or injuries they may be experiencing. This helps your instructors personalize class so you get more out of it.

  • Community: The Class App allows clients to connect with people at the studio and develop friendships with classmates they see on Zoom or in the studio, but might not know. They can also see who’s in their classes and easily invite friends who haven’t been to the studio before!

  • Discovery: Discover new classes or instructors at your studio based on which classes their friends are taking. They might just find their new favorite teacher!

  • Accountability: Fitness isn’t just more fun with friends, it’s more effective, too. Your clients will be notified when their friends sign up for class so they’re motivated to join them.

  • Track Fitness Goals: The app automatically tracks your clients' workouts and classes so it’s easier than ever to hit fitness goals.

  • Challenges + Events: Your clients can participate in studio challenges or events at the studio in a more connected way. Instead of going through email or Facebook messenger, your clients can communicate with your team or group right here on the FitGrid Class App.

Social media isn't my thing. Can you help me get started?

The FitGrid Class App is a brand new app so introduce it to your clients with a description of what it is and how it will help them connect to their community and reach their goals. Then, dive into additional benefits and specific ways your community is using the app. Our marketing team put together this guide with a few sample posts to get you started.

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