Booking through the FitGrid Class App

The Class App allows your clients to book classes at any studio on the FitGrid platform where they have a membership or class credit.

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The FitGrid Class App is is another access point for your clients that has exciting benefits for your studio.
In this article, we'll cover how booking works and how encouraging clients to book through the Class App can benefit your studio.
​How does this work? And how is it different from other booking platforms?

We don't charge your studio any fees - your clients are buying directly from you, at your listed cost. If the client tries to book a class and does not have available credits at your studio, they will be led directly to your Mindbody site to make the purchase. If a client has a recurring monthly membership or existing class credits on their account, class credits are drawn directly from that package/membership when booking with the Class App.

Signing up for class is easy. To book a class, navigate to the class you're interested in by tapping "Find a Class" at the bottom navigation bar and searching or browsing by studio, class, or instructor.

Then tap "Reserve this Class" and follow the instructions on the screen.

Help! I received a message saying "You can't reserve this class" when I tried to book. This will occur if FitGrid cannot find a membership or class pack in your account that will work for the class you have selected. Some common reasons:

  • You need to visit the studio's website and purchase a valid membership or credit for the class (the FitGrid Class App does not support making purchases at this time).

  • Your account at the studio is not synced to your FitGrid account. To solve this, tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner of the app, then tap "Link a Studio" and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • You book classes using 3rd-party services like ClassPass or FitReserve. To use these services to book classes, you must use their proprietary apps. Don't worry; classes you book with these 3rd-party apps will still show up in FitGrid so you can connect with friends and track your performance.

How can this benefit my studio?

After booking a class, your clients will receive an in-app prompt to invite their friends to join them in that class. With the click of a button, clients may use their address book to send a personal invitation to your studio to their friends and family.

How can you sweeten the deal for a potential new client? If you choose to set up FitGrid Reward Classes, clients who are new to your studio will receive their first class for free. Of course, it's up to you to turn your first time clients into regulars, but that's where our tools such as the Pro App, Client Outreach and Client Feedback help you with retention.

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