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What resources are available to me as a studio on the FitGrid Class App?
What resources are available to me as a studio on the FitGrid Class App?
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Before we begin, make sure that you're familiar with the features and benefits of the FitGrid Class App, and that you've gone into your studio's dashboard to configure your Class App settings. When you're done with that, come back here for an overview of the resources available to you as a studio on the FitGrid Class App!

To help you and your team get started with the FitGrid Class App, we have created a toolkit of resources including imagery for marketing materials, getting started guides, social media assets, and more! This article outlines the steps you'll want to follow to get your community started on the Class App.

Step 1: Download Owner's Guide

Click here to download the Owner's Guide, and complete the steps on pages 2-4. By following this playbook, you'll create the momentum you'll need to connect your community to the Grid!

Step 2: Send Announcement and Instructor Guide to your Staff

Share this playbook with your team to arm them with the tools they need to create better class experiences.

Step 3: Announce to your Clients

We'll do the heavy lifting by inviting your students to connect with you on the Class App when they book classes at your studio. But you can let them know the FitGrid Class App. Not sure what to say? No problem! We have created templates for your next email or FitGrid Pro follow up message.

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