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What is the Class App and how does it benefit your studio?
What is the Class App and how does it benefit your studio?

Fitness is more fun with friends.

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At FitGrid we believe in the power of community, both online and IRL. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Class App. This latest addition to our suite of engagement and community tools is an all-new social network for fitness enthusiasts that also includes communication and insight tools for instructors and studio owners. With the FitGrid Class App integrated into your studio’s community, you’ll be able to :

  • Create a virtual studio community

  • Drive customer referrals

  • Grow your client base

  • Get discovered by consumers globally

How does the Class App help my studio with client retention?

Through our messaging features, students, instructors and owners are able to stay connected, both through 1:1 messaging and group chats. These features cultivate community, whether your clients are taking classes virtually or in-studio.

How does the Class App help my studio grow our client base?

Throughout the Class App, there are several prompts for your clients to invite their friends to connect with them on the Class App or attend a class with them.

Is there an extra cost for studios to utilize this feature?

Nope! The FitGrid Class App is included in all FitGrid subscriptions.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Just to recap, the FitGrid Class App allows users (clients and instructors) to discover and book classes, chat with each other, invite friends to class, track workouts, create groups and more. Improving your placement and discoverability in the FitGrid Class App only takes a few minutes! In this article, we walk through the Class App configuration settings, including:

We know you’re eager to see how the Class App will help grow and strengthen your community. Get excited - that journey can begin today!

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