How do I change my studio's Class App settings?

Improve your placement and discoverability in the FitGrid Class App

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The FitGrid Class App has arrived, and set up takes just a few minutes.

In this article, we'll walk through the Class App configuration settings, including attracting new clients with rewards, connecting your community together, and making your studio discoverable.

Attract New Clients with Rewards

A FitGrid Reward Class is a free class offered to clients who are new to your studio. Participation in this feature is optional for studios, but we encourage it in order to maximize your exposure to new clients.

In order to participate and acquire new clients through FitGrid Rewards, you will need to configure a FitGrid Reward Class pricing option in Mindbody. Once the pricing option has been configured, first-time clients will be able to redeem rewards to book a class at your studio.

What does this mean for your studio? More referrals and more new clients! Click here to walk through how to set up a FitGrid Reward Class.

Connect your Community Together

Building a social network around your studio is easier than you think, and we'll do all of the work for you!
Click here to learn how to activate email notifications that encourage your clients to get on the FitGrid Class App to connect with classmates.

Make your Studio Discoverable

Click here to learn how to select your studio's primary class type. (Don't worry if you have multiple modalities! We'll cover that as well.)
Adding this information helps new clients find you in the FitGrid Class App.

What's Next?

Tell your community all about it! Visit the FitGrid Class App Resource Guide, a toolkit of resources including imagery for marketing materials, getting started guides, social media assets, and more! If your studio uses the FitGrid Pro App, follow these steps to announce the FitGrid Class App in your Follow Up Emails.

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