Connecting your Community Together

Building a social network around your studio is easier than you think.

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By activating email notifications on the Class App configuration page, you’re allowing people in your community to learn about the social network, and we’ll do all the work!

The Right Place at the Right Time

By activating notifications you are enabling emails to be sent when a certain trigger is activated. For example, after a client books a class we’ll deliver an email that encourages them to get on the app to “connect with classmates”.

Another trigger is activated when a client hasn’t taken class in a certain period of time. For example, if they haven’t been to the studio in 90+ days, we’ll remind them about the awesome community they can connect with in the app.

Email Notifications List

Here is a list of notifications we send:

  • Post Booking Email - Sent to clients immediately after booking a class

  • Winback Email - Sent to clients who haven’t attended in 90+ days

  • Instructor Notification - Sent to instructors to educate them about the app

Recipients can choose to opt-out of receiving these messages at any time. Emails addresses are from Mindbody. Messages will be sent out from the following address ( and we’re basing the right to send these emails on your consent.

To Enable this Feature

Login to your account on the FitGrid Admin website. Go to settings. Once in the settings page click on ClassApp settings.

Next go to the "connect your community together" section. To enable the feature slice the "activate emails" toggle to the right.

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