How can my clients set a workout goal?

Set goals and track your progress with the FitGrid workout tracker

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On the Home screen view your weekly exercise goal and track your progress in the section labeled Workout Goal This Week. Tap anywhere inside this section to access the Workout Goals feature of the app.

Set a Goal

Start by setting a Goal. Tap Edit in the upper-right corner of the Workout Goals screen and select the number of workouts you aim to complete each week, from a minimum of once per week up to a maximum for 21.

View your progress

In the middle section of the Workout Goals screen, you can view your workout history. Workouts are recorded automatically if your studio is on FitGrid and you can manually log workouts for when they’re not. Using the tabs at the top of this section you can view your logged workouts for the current week or the past 2 months.

In the bottom section of the Workout Goals screen, you can view the details of your most recent workouts. Tap See all for a complete list.

Logging workouts

Whenever you attend class at a fitness studio that is active on FitGrid, that class will be logged automatically and count towards your weekly goal.

To log a workout manually, tap Add a workout in the middle section of the Workout Goals screen.

If you have logged workouts in the past, you can quickly add the same workout again by tapping on it in the Add a saved workout section.

To add a new workout, tap Add a New Workout at the bottom of the screen.

Give your workout a name, a location, a date, and a duration. Then click Done in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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