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Automatically Check In Your Clients In Mindbody
Automatically Check In Your Clients In Mindbody

How FitGrid takes attendance for your livestream Zoom classes

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FitGrid LIVE makes taking attendance in your virtual livestream classes a snap.

Our auto-checkin functionality works for all classes marked as "Zoom Enabled" in FitGrid LIVE. After a live-stream class has concluded, FitGrid automatically marks all clients who joined the Zoom meeting as "Signed In" on the Mindbody roster so that your attendance-taking is accurate and easy. There's nothing you need to do–this feature is always on in the background.

Please note that this functionality matches Zoom attendees to a Mindbody roster 15-30 minutes after class (it may take until the overnight synch for everyone to be checked in) has ended and sets the "Signed In" checkbox next to their name to TRUE. We will never add clients to your roster, remove clients from your roster, or mark the "Signed In" checkbox to false. And if you are utilizing Mindbody settings or features that check in some or all clients, we will not override those settings.

There are a few circumstances in which auto-checkin will NOT mark a client as having attended class:

  • If a client joins the meeting without using the unique link we send them AND inputs a different email into Zoom than the email they have on file in Mindbody, we cannot match them to the roster and they will not be checked in.

  • If the meeting is started, ended and restarted, Zoom's attendance reports may be inaccurate.

  • If clients share their unique link with others, we will not be able to identify those others.

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