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How to add your Livestream classes to ClassPass
How to add your Livestream classes to ClassPass

How to ensure that your FitGrid LIVE Zoom meetings are accessible for ClassPass Users

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If you're a ClassPass studio partner, so long as CP is putting the students' emails in your Mindbody roster, we will automatically email them their class link.

If CP is not registering students into class in MB we have an easy workaround to add your FitGrid LIVE classes to the CP platform, you should also reach out to your ClassPass rep for assistance.

  • Log into your ClassPass partner dashboard.

  • Add/activate each class session you want to publish on ClassPass.

  • 60 minutes before each class session is scheduled to start, FitGrid LIVE will generate a Zoom meeting.

  • On the FitGrid LIVE setup screen, click "Details" next to the upcoming class session, and copy the "Generic URL."

  • Paste this URL into the Livestream section of that class's details in ClassPass.

  • 20 minutes before class starts, ClassPass will send this generic link to all CP members on the roster.

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