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Using Waiting Rooms in Zoom with the FitGrid LIVE integration
Using Waiting Rooms in Zoom with the FitGrid LIVE integration

FitGrid LIVE currently disables the Waiting Room feature by default. Here's how to activate this feature manually

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On 4/4/20, Zoom turned on the Waiting Room feature by default for all accounts. Because FitGrid LIVE is quite secure even without the Waiting Room feature, the vast majority of studios did not want this feature enabled. Its sudden activation threatened to disrupt many of their class sessions.

We responded by overriding Zoom's new default. However, this had the side effect of disabling Waiting Rooms for a minority of studios who were using Waiting Rooms to great effect. We are currently working on giving all of our studios the choice to enable or disable this feature.
In the meantime, if you would like to use the Waiting Room feature, there are two manual workarounds.

Enable from within the meeting (as the instructor)

This is the simplest method.

  • Start the meeting as the host.

  • Click the button on the toolbar labeled "Security."

  • Click "Enable Waiting Room."

That's it!

Enable before the meeting starts (as the Zoom admin)

Once you're within an hour of a specific class session and the meeting has been generated in Zoom:

Step 1: Launch the Zoom app on your desktop or laptop computer.

Step 2: Select "Meetings" at the top.

Step 3: Select the correct meeting on the left side, then click "Edit."

Step 4: Open "Advanced Options."

Step 5: Check the "Enable Waiting Room" box and click "Save."

Currently there is no global way to turn Waiting Rooms on. You must do this for each class session for which you wish to use Waiting Rooms. We hope to provide you with a more-automated way to do this in the near future!

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