Critical information

FitGrid LIVE relies on MINDBODY to manage the schedule and class rosters of streamed classes. Once you create a class and clients sign up, FitGrid delivers links to a Zoom virtual classroom via email. So your clients and instructors must have up-to-date email addresses in MINDBODY in order to receive their links.

  • Audit your instructor list to ensure all email addresses are up-to-date.

  • Remind your students to check their MINDBODY profiles before booking streamed classes to ensure their email addresses are up-to-date.

Additional configuration options

How you set up MINDBODY to work with FitGrid LIVE depends on the circumstances at your studio. Here are our recommendations based on a few key variables:

Are you going to be ONLY live-streaming classes or streaming classes that people can also attend in-person?

If you are only live-streaming:

  • Cancel all in-person classes on your schedule (if there are a lot, make cancelled classes invisible to clients)

  • Create new classes named something like “ONLINE LIVE STREAM: Power Vinyasa” and schedule them

  • Set the class capacity to a relatively high number!

If you are streaming classes that people can also attend in-person:

  • Create a new Room in MINDBODY and name it “Live Streaming”

  • Create new classes with the same names as your scheduled live classes, but add “ONLINE LIVE STREAM:” to the beginning of their names

  • Schedule your new class types at the same time as your in-person classes in the Live Streaming Room you created

  • Set the class capacity to a relatively high number!

Are you going to allow clients to use existing pricing options to attend these classes, or are you going to create a new set of pricing options?

If you are using existing pricing options:

  • Ensure that any new classes you create are in the same Service Category as your pricing options.

If you don’t want clients to use existing pricing options:

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