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Prepare Mindbody for streaming classes
Prepare Mindbody for streaming classes

How to configure your account for success when running live-stream classes

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Critical information

FitGrid LIVE relies on Mindbody to manage the schedule and class rosters of streamed classes. Once you create a class and clients sign up, FitGrid delivers links to a Zoom virtual classroom via email. So your clients and instructors must have up-to-date email addresses in Mindbody in order to receive their links.

  • Audit your instructor list to ensure all email addresses are up-to-date.

  • Remind your students to check their Mindbody profiles before booking streamed classes to ensure their email addresses are up-to-date.

  • Create a new Service Category named “Live Streaming” and add new classes and pricing options from scratch.

Once all your virtual classes are scheduled separately from your in studio classes, toggle the live stream switch to ON for the virtual class service category. Note: If this toggle has been set to ON previously, turn it OFF and back ON again.

If you do not see this toggle and your studio is a part of a franchise network. Please contact your system administrator and have them add "enabling a Service Category for live streaming" permissions to your account.

Additional configuration options

How you set up Mindbody to work with FitGrid LIVE depends on the circumstances at your studio. Here are our recommendations based on a few key variables:

Are you going to be ONLY live-streaming classes or streaming classes that people can also attend in-person?

If you are only live-streaming:

  • Cancel all in-person classes on your schedule (if there are a lot, make cancelled classes invisible to clients)

  • Create new classes named something like “ONLINE LIVE STREAM: Power Vinyasa” and schedule them

  • Set the class capacity to a relatively high number!

If you are streaming classes that people can also attend in-person please view this article on how to best configure hybrid classes within your Mindbody site:

Are you going to allow clients to use existing pricing options to attend these classes, or are you going to create a new set of pricing options?

If you are using existing pricing options:

  • Ensure that the existing pricing options are listed in all Service Categories.

If you don’t want clients to use existing pricing options:

  • If you use Revenue Categories to keep your reports organized, remember to add a “Live Streaming” Revenue category too in the new Service Category.

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