Whether you remain open or have a pause in service, this plan allows you to provide a service for those on recurring monthly memberships, hopefully protecting you against cancellations in service, and even expand your community of clients.

FitGrid takes out the labor intensive work outlined in this process, but in the event that you or your clients need a class link in a pinch, here is the workaround for connecting ZOOM + MINDBODY.

This article covers:

  • How to manually create a meeting in ZOOM + MINDBODY

  • How to manually send your clients the zoom link in the event they did not receive it

  • How to manually send instructors the class start link if they did not receive it

How to manually create a meeting in ZOOM + MINDBODY

  1. Decide which classes will be live-streamed, then go into MINDBODY and change the name of the class to include "LIVE-STREAM." For example, a HIIT45 class would become "LIVE-STREAM: HIIT45."

  2. Edit the class description to include that this class will take place online and to keep an eye out for an email with the invitation to the ZOOM class approximately 10 minutes prior to the class.

  3. Go into your ZOOM account and create a "meeting" with the same name "LIVE-STREAM: _____".

  4. Adjust these settings for your meeting:

  • Set the date/time and duration of class.

  • Uncheck the Meeting Password checkbox.

  • Put the host video and participant video ON.

  • Mute participants upon entry.

  • Enable waiting room (this means that clients cannot start the meeting before the host/instructor enters the "room").

  • Record the meeting automatically to the cloud (for future collateral).

  • Add the instructor teaching the class as an alternative host.

5. Add the meeting to your Google calendar (you don't need to do this, I always do it just to keep organized.)

  1. Go to Zoom and tap on Meetings

2. Tap on the class you'd like the link to
3. Copy the meeting invitation. Prior to the class (30 min), send the copied invitation to the class registrants from your studio email address with the subject line like "Have a great class!"

If the class is Zoom enabled in FitGrid:

  1. Go to the Live-Stream page

  2. Tap the Start Meeting button (note: this only appears 30 minutes before the class starts. If you do not see the button, try refreshing the page.)

  3. Copy the URL here and send to the instructor

If the class was created manually in Zoom and NOT enabled in FitGrid:

  1. Send the instructor a Google cal invitation to the class with the meeting invite

  • This includes a general link to sign in.

  • This can also be found in ZOOM under "my meetings" >> "copy the invitation," and then put into the calendar invite.

  • These steps are listed above in the "How to manually send your clients a Zoom link in the event they did not receive it" section. 


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