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Client Outreach: Limitations and Considerations
Client Outreach: Limitations and Considerations

Review some of the limitations and considerations when using Client Outreach.

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Before you implement Client Outreach on your account, keep the following limitations and considerations in mind:

Class Segments
Not all clients that qualify for a segment are included in every daily task. The system selects them at random.

Daily Prompts Limits

The maximum number of outreach prompts is 30 per day.

Email Workflow

Replies to Client Outreach messages are sent to the staff email that sent the message. If you have multiple staff that need access to responses you can create one email login i.e. When customers respond, they will go to this email address and your staff can respond from there. The email addresses for both the customer and the studio admin are masked for privacy.

Email Templates

The standard template cannot be customized and saved. It can only be personalized at the time of sending. To make it easier to manage your preferred responses for your staff, we recommend saving your the replies in a shared document for your team to access and copy as each segment is populated.

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