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Client Feedback with Google Reviews
Client Feedback with Google Reviews
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Client Feedback with Google Reviews encourages your customers to post positive qualitative feedback to the Google Business page for your studio.

How it works

After taking class, clients are sent an email asking to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10. If the client selects a rating of 10 AND leaves written feedback, when the feedback is submitted, options will be displayed that allow the client to copy the feedback and post it to your Google Business page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will every review be posted to my Google Business page?

Not at all. Only clients who submit a feedback score of 10 will be shown the link that directs them to your Google Business page. This is to ensure that positive reviews are displayed, but does not guarantee that so we encourage you to set up notifications.

Can I get notified when someone leaves a review?

Yes. To receive a notification when someone leaves a review on your Google Business page, follow these steps:

  1. Visit your Google Business listing:

  2. Login and choose the business location

  3. Click Customers > Reviews from the menu

  4. In the “Get notifications” section, click the switch next to “Email” to turn it on

If I respond to a review is the customer notified?

When a Google Business page listing owner responds to a user review, Google will wait five minutes and then send the submitter an email notifying them that the owner has responded.

What is the full list of actions that the user is prompted to take?

After class, when a client is sent an email asking for them to rate their experience, these are the tasks that the user will step through:

  1. Click 1-10 rating

  2. Write a review

  3. Submit review

  4. If rating is 10, then user is shown additional options

  5. Additional options

    1. Page will display written feedback

    2. User can copy feedback to clipboard

    3. User can click link that directs their browser to Google Business page for studio

  6. When user is on Google Business page, they can paste feedback and submit

When will reviews appear on my google business page?

It can take up to 24 hours for review to appear.

How do I enable Google Reviews for my account?

To enable Google reviews as part of FitGrid's Client Feedback feature for your studio, follow these steps:

  1. If your studio is already using Client Feedback

    1. Inform your Customer Success Manager that you would like to activate Google reviews for your studio. Your Customer Success Manager can activate this feature for you on the backend.

  2. If Client Feedback is not currently part of your plan

    1. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss the plan and pricing details or contact us at

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