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Do I have to send one text at a time or can I send group texts?

Answer: At the moment you have the ability to send one text at a time. But we are looking to extend it to group texts in the future.

If I send a group text, am I being charged for each text separately?

Answer: Group texts are not supported right now. Therefore you will be charged for each text separately as they will be delivered as a one-to-one message.

Do you have two way texting?

Answer: Yes. Each inbound message will appear within the respective conversation history.

What are the telephone numbers that I am given with this service?

Answer: You will be assigned a 1-800 number to begin texting within 5 business days.

What do I need to do if I want multiple telephone numbers?

Answer: At the moment we support only one number per Studio. But we are planning to enable the ability to purchase multiple numbers in future.

What happens if my telephone number gets blocked? Who should I contact? What is the contact information?

Answer: If you telephone number gets blocked, please contact FitGrid Support team at support@fitgrid.com.

What is the process for getting set up to do texting?

Answer: Submit your business info to FG via TypeForm. FG submits your data to the SMS provider and you will get a temporary number to start texting in approximately 5 business days. Your permanent number will be available in 6-10 weeks.

How long will it take to get set up for texting?

Answer: From the moment we receive your business information, it takes approximately 5 business days to start texting with your temporary phone number. Your permanent number will be available in approximately 6-10 weeks. There are no actions required on your part to change from the temporary to permanent number.

How can I see the text communication I have with a client?

Answer: Your active text communication with the client will appear in your Studio Admin inbox sections. Inbox envelope icon is located in the upper right corner of the Studio Admin. Conversations become closed if there is no activity for 3 days. History for closed conversations are not available at the moment. Initial Client Outreach message sent via conversation (SMS) channel can be located at clients communication history on client profile view.

Can only one person respond to texts or can multiple people respond to texts?

Answer: Any Studio Admin user with Client Outreach access will be able respond to any text messages. However the end client will see all messages sent by studio staff coming from the same number.

Is there a difference between how texting works from staff to client vs from instructor to client?

Answer: Right now we only allow texting from staff to client.

Is there a limitation to the size of text I can send?

Answer: Yes. The maximum length of text message that you can send is 1600 characters (11 segments). However, we recommend sending no more than 320 characters (3 segments) to ensure best deliverability and user experience. Important to note that, If you send more than 160 characters then your message will be broken down into chunks (segments) of 153 characters before being sent to the recipient’s handset. Pricing calculated based on segments sent.

Question: How does opt-in and opt out work?
Answer: There are four levels of control for a student's opt-in and opt-out ability in terms of priority (1 being top priority, 4 being lowest priority):

  1. Client having a correct phone number

  2. Client opted out of receiving messages by sending STOP in a response to a text message from your studio

  3. Within the Studio Dashboard: Client Profile / Client Outreach Opt-in functionality

  4. Marketing consent opt-in - client account registration (MB/MT registration)


  • If a client does not have a phone number on file, they can’t receive SMS messaging

  • If a client has an invalid phone number on file, they can’t receive SMS messaging

  • If a client opted out directly (by replying STOP), they can’t receive any further SMS until they text START

  • If a client did not express their consent to SMS during account registration AND were not opted in by the studio in the Client Profile / Client Outreach interface, they can’t receive SMS

  • If a client was manually opted out by the studio in Client Profile / Client Outreach interface, they can’t receive SMS

NOTE: Before sending any text or email, including to multiple recipients, please verify that your Studio has individual permission from each recipient to send them the text or email. Permissions can change over time. FitGrid relies upon you to be up-to-date on permissions and your clients’ contact info (including information provided through your booking/billing service provider).

What are the charges for the texting service?

Answer: Although we cannot guarantee that texting will be free indefinitely, there are no plans in the near future for FitGrid to charge for texting. If that is the case, we will provide sufficient notice.

You pay a one time charge of $4 and recurring monthly amounts of $2.15 + $0.0109* per segment**

  • *$0.0079 + $0.003 carrier fee

  • **Segment - If SMS message contains more than 160 characters, message is split into “segments” for transmission.

How many texts can I send under the plan?

Answer: Max 2K per day in US during the 2-3 week verification period. Unlimited after the number is verified.

Will the charges for texting be added to my FitGrid bill or entered separately?

Answer: Text charges will be billed separately from your software and will be automatically applied to the credit card on file.

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