FAQ: Price Increase 2022
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When will the price increase take effect?

The price increase will begin on October 1st, and will be rolled out in stages.

When was the last time there was a price increase?

FitGrid has not raised prices in its 5 year history.

Why is FitGrid increasing prices now?

During the height of the pandemic we tried to keep prices for our products stable because we understood what the fitness industry was going through. However, now, like many businesses, we need to adjust with the financial environment.

Are there any changes to the product?

Our Product & Engineering teams are continuously adding additional features and benefits to the FitGrid platform. Most recently, FitGrid Pro was upgraded with:

1) The ability to track the revenue return you are getting from your FitGrid follow-ups

2) The ability to track revenue from new clients over a 90 day period and to make changes to messaging to determine the effect on your revenue from 1st time clients

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