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Update your Instructor's Job Description (with FitGrid included)
Update your Instructor's Job Description (with FitGrid included)
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Does your studio have job descriptions for instructors? If yes, why not formally include sending FitGrid followups to clients using Pro App as part of their responsibilities? They take less than 60 seconds to complete, so it’s not a lot of work and is a reasonable request of your staff.

Below we’ve included a couple of bullet points that could be used to explain the effort you’re asking instructors to include in their responsibilities at the studio:

  • Create a FitGrid Pro account (one time only - about 2 minutes)

  • Write your default message(s) (one time only - about 10 minutes)

  • Send FitGrid Follow-Ups after class (1-2 minutes per day)

  • If a client responds, respond back to them (1-2 minutes per day)

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