Create a Pro App Incentive Program
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Is your studio new to FitGrid? Are the staff just learning how to use the Pro Application? Or has your studio been using FitGrid for a while?

Whatever the case, sometimes instructors need a nudge to get started in helping increase revenue at your studio. To assist with this nudge, one idea is to create an incentive program that rewards instructors for helping the studio increase revenue by sending follow up messages in the Pro App

Weekly Incentive Program Idea

  • Have the instructors forward their best client response(s) to you, the owner/manager.

  • At the end of the week choose the best response, forward to all instructors, and give the winner a prize

  • Award prizes for multiple runners up so everyone feels they might have a chance to win

Monthly incentive program Idea

  • Reward the instructor with the highest FitGrid retention level for that month with a gift certificate.

  • More coming soon!

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