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FAQ: Reporting issues and steps for resolution
FAQ: Reporting issues and steps for resolution

How FitGrid takes steps to ensure outages and defects are fixed

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We understand how frustrating it can be when your technology doesn’t seem to be functioning quite the way it needs to be. We do everything we can to ensure our services are running smoothly and reliably at all times, however there are times when certain factors can cause issues with our services. The process of investigating these factors takes time, but it is essential to resolving the issue. Though we do everything possible to keep our services operational, some things rely on our third party partners and unfortunately are out of our hands to fix.

What can I do if I’m experiencing issues with my Studio Dashboard or FitGrid LIVE service?

When you first notice an issue in your FitGrid services, the best step to take is to reach out to our Customer Support team

  • If Customer Support cannot fix the error, it will be submitted to our Product team for further investigation.

  • If our Product team discovers a larger issue, they will submit a ticket to our Development team for further investigation and update the FitGrid Status page to reflect the issue.

A reminder: a great place to keep track of the service status of FitGrid is that FitGrid Status Page:

What are the next steps taken once the Development team receives the ticket?

  • The Development team then identifies if the issue is a defect in the software.

  • Once the defect is identified, they assess the damage and work on a fix.

  • Once a fix has been implemented, the Quality Assurance team tests the fix.

  • The fix is then released to all FitGrid users.

  • The Development team notifies Product and Support that the fix has been released.

Why can't FitGrid offer an estimated time the issue will be resolved?

  • Issues go through several different steps and across several different teams when being investigated.

  • Sometimes complications may arise while issues are being investigated.

  • Resolutions rely on various factors and variables that must be taken into account when investigating issues.

What if FitGrid’s software isn’t the issue?

Sometimes, the issue lies in one of our third party partners. When this is the case, we keep a close eye on their status pages and refer our customers to these status pages as well. Once we receive notification that their issue has been fixed, we notify our customers.

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