FAQ: Tell Me More About Follow-Ups
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What is a follow-up time?

These define when an instructor will be prompted to send a follow-up in the FitGrid Pro app. For example "1x Visitors" creates a "follow-up group" that includes any students who attend a specific class for the first time. The instructor of that class can then decide which students from that group to send a follow-up to. The instructor can customize their message for the group for each client.

Why does FitGrid use the recommended follow-up times shown?

These are just some follow-up times and default message to get you started. These are times in the client life cycle that the fitness business owners we've spoken to found to be most effective. You can activate these as-is, edit the default content or dismiss them and create your own.

Why do I need to define the subject and body for the messages?

This is the default content for any follow-up messages that an instructor sends. Instructors can create their own default content for each follow-up type (1x visitors vs 2x visitors) or edit the content as they send them

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