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Instructor Reports: Limitations and Considerations
Instructor Reports: Limitations and Considerations

Ready to use Instructor Reports? Review these topics to ensure you are setup for success!

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Instructor reports are available for instructors that are active during a full month.

If you add an instructor mid-month, they will not show up in instructor reports until their next full month. For example if you add an instructor on February 15. The first Instructor Report they will show up on will be for March.

Time periods are not covered

The reports do not cover 3 months, 6 months, or a year of data in a single report. It is only available on a monthly basis.

Why do inactive pricing options appear in Instructor Reports?

On the top of that screen you’ll see this notice

This means although some of the pricing options might be inactive currently (not being sold), you still have clients who are using them during the period in the screenshot above.

For example: if your studio offered a summer 10 pack for a limited time and a client bought it when it was offered, didn't use it all at once but had a visit on the package last month. That pricing option would be listed because it was used during the previous month.

These reports are not perfect, and while we will continue to refine them over time, they are a good start. Here are some limitations that we know of. If you have suggestions for how to make them better, please reach out to us!

The reports do not take into account the total expenses of the business

The profitability sections measure whether you are covering the expense of your instructor vis a vis the amount of value (revenue) they are contributing. However, the profitability measures do not tell you, overall, whether each instructor is profitable given total expenses such as rent, electricity, laundry, etc. If an instructor or a class is really close to $0 on their profitability metric, you can almost rest assured that on an overall level they are unprofitable, so look for instructors and classes whose profitability metrics are nowhere close to $0.

Instructor Retention, as currently described, is an imperfect metric

  • Instructor Retention currently measures the % of clients who visit an instructor 2x or more in a given month. However, this number can be misleading if an instructor frequently changes times that they teach, or if some instructors teach only advanced classes where clients are more likely to stay vs beginner classes where clients are more likely to leave. We will be breaking out more specific measures of retention moving forward.

  • In the meantime, calculating % of Regulars (3x+ Visitors / Total Unique Clients in a month) is a good proxy for the % of loyal clients to an instructor, and Studio Return Rate is an excellent proxy for how good an instructor is at getting new clients to come back to the studio.

Side by side comparisons

We currently do not easily provide side by side comparisons of metrics. We are working on this.

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