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FAQ: How do I update my billing info or change my plan?
FAQ: How do I update my billing info or change my plan?

Where in the Studio Admin dashboard can I update my card on file or change the subscription plan I am on?

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The Studio Admin dashboard makes it easy to view, manage and update your studio's billing and FitGrid subscription at any time.

To view and manage your current subscription/plan click here. You can also find the "Billing" section in the "Settings" section which is right underneath the "Billing" menu. To navigate to "Billing" from the "Settings" screen, click on "Settings"

Your current plan is highlighted. To change your plan click on the "select + plan name" button of the plan you are changing to.

*Please note: any changes done mid-cycle are prorated. For example, if you downgrade to Silver from Gold, your next billing cycle will have a positive credited amount equal to the amount of the difference between the cost of each plan per day remaining in your cycle. If you upgrade, you'll owe the difference between the two for the amount of days you were on the higher plan compared to the lower plan.

To view your bill date and/or update the card on file go here.

The top of the screen lists the current plan, monthly rate, how many locations are active and next payment date. The bottom of the screen lists the payment method and card number.

To update the card on file, click the "update" button. Enter the new card info then click "save".

If you see an error when trying to update your billing info, click this link to update your info here

๐Ÿ’ฌ If you have questions or want assistance with set-up, chat us from within your FitGrid dashboard.

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