Client Return Rate
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The first number you will see on the Home Tab is your Client Return Rate.

FitGrid partners with Mindbody to sync your class data. We count a returning client as someone that has come to your class more than once in the past 30 days.

Example: If you have 10 clients visit you, and two of them return in 30 days, that is 2/10 = 20%.

To track your return rate and see how it compares to others, click on the grey box with your studio name at the top.

You can toggle between a 3 month and 6 month view of this graph. Click on one of the bars to see exact percentages.

Understanding the Client Return Rate Graph:

  • Blue: You

  • Orange: The top 10% of instructors at your studio

  • Green: The top 10% of instructors from all the studios on FitGrid

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