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Connections data helps you understand which clients might make great ambassadors. Ambassadors can be useful in a) driving new clients in, and b) connecting your community more tightly together.

FitGrid makes it easy to track your Ambassador program.

See sections below on how to do those things.

Missing Data?

If you see missing data in this section, it is because this client hasn't registered an account on the class app yet. However, getting them on the app - which will generate data in this area - is easy.

You can either:

A) personally reach out to them with information about the app and how to download it (send them to

B) If you haven't turned on automatic Class App marketing, you can do that here.

Here is what your Connections section looks like:


  • Total Friends - The total number of connections a client has in the class app

  • Invitations Sent - Number of times a client has invited others to join them in a class, invited them to download the app, or other invitation types

  • Messaging - Client's answer to "What should your profile say if other members want to message you?"

  • Personality - Client's answer to "Are you comfortable starting conversations, or a little more reserved?"

  • Connecting - Client's answer to "Are you open to meeting other people in your studio, or not so interested?"

Using FitGrid Ambassadors to Drive Client Acquisition

The best Ambassadors for Client Acquisition can be found by looking at the Personality section.

If someone responds that they are "Outgoing", you've got a winner!

Note: You can also look at other metrics to see if they're already doing what Ambassadors do. For example, if they have Friends already then they're good at connecting with people. You love those folks even more!

Here's what you do with them:

  • Recruit them

  • Give them a goal for inviting people to the studio and instructions on how to invite people

  • Track the results

  • Reward them when they hit that goal

Recruiting Ambassadors (Acquisition Goals)

To recruit an Ambassador, you need to offer them a mission, a reward, and a time limit.

Here's an example of a mission:

  • We are looking to bring clients back to help us during this crazy COVID period

A reward should also be offered, and it shouldn't just be money. Combine a sense of larger purpose with a monetary reward. Here's an example of a larger purpose:

  • Our goal is to bring people together, in groups, to reduce stress and keep moving during this pandemic

From a reward perspective, offer a % discount on their package prices for every set of people they bring in.

  • 20% discount if they bring 3 friends

  • 50% discount if they bring 5 friends

  • 100% discount if they bring 10 friends

Finally, place a time limit on the program. For example, limit the program to 3 months. By nature people will do this hard for the first month or two, then begin to fade off. You can then bring new people in or, if they're kicking butt, you can always renew.

Instructions for Your Ambassadors (Acquisition Goals)

Ask your Ambassador to go to the FitGrid Class App and do one of two things:

  • Click on "Invite To Class" on their Upcoming Classes if they want to invite a friend to a class they are taking, or

  • Click on "Send A Free Class" on the Home Screen or "Invite to FitGrid" in Community

If you have set yourself up with a Free Class, then when their friends come in, their first class will be free. We recommend this. If you want to learn how to do that, please go here.

Tracking Ambassador Results (Acquisition Goal)

Tracking Ambassador results is pretty easy with FitGrid.

  • Simply look at the Number of Invitations Sent on your client's Class App profile. This will tell you how many invitations they sent.

  • If their friends signed up for your studio using the FitGrid Class App, you will see New Clients Via FitGrid Class App on your home screen of Studio Admin

Using FitGrid Ambassadors to Drive Retention

Leveraging your Ambassadors to drive retention is just as important as leveraging them for acquisition. Here's how:

Note: You may also want to check on their Client Profile if they say that they are "Open To Connecting".

  • Tell them to go into the FitGrid Class App and "Connect" to Classmates in the Classmates section of the Community Tab

  • That's it. This will allow them to begin connecting with other people on the app and they can take the interactions from there

Tracking Ambassador Results (Retention Goal)

Tracking Ambassador results is pretty easy with FitGrid.

  • Simply look at the Total Friends section on the Client Profile in your Studio Admin system

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