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Which instructors should I spend the most time developing?
Which instructors should I spend the most time developing?
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Why is this important?

Instructors are your most valuable assets. If you want to inspire loyalty in them and get them to care about helping you grow your business you MUST invest in them. Show them you care and they will care in return.
Given that, you want to develop those instructors who are cost effective for you (have a high VTC), have a solid % of regulars, show a solid connection with clients, and make the effort to use the tools you offer to grow.

Instructor Report Metrics To Look At:

  • FitGrid Pro Sent Rate

  • FitGrid Pro Open Rate

  • % of Regulars

  • VTC ratio

What To Do:

  1. Look at your instructor reports

  2. Find the instructors with the highest VTCs

  3. Then remove those with the lowest % of Regulars

  4. % of Regulars = (3x + Visitors) / (# of Unique Clients)

  5. Find the instructors with the highest Sent %s and Open Rates on FitGrid stat

  6. Set these instructors aside as special trainees and create a development plan for them. An example of such a plan could be a) Have them go into the classes of the top instructors and report back to you on what they see as the difference between those instructors and them, b) have them apply those differences over time, c) monitor the growth in their classes, d) reward them with new classes, greater responsibility, or higher pay.

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