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Who should I use to build hard-to-fill time-slots?
Who should I use to build hard-to-fill time-slots?
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Why is this important?

Unused time slots are an opportunity for more revenue! But you have to be smart about this. You want to fill a new time slot with an instructor who is most likely to grow that slot because of their hustle and their ability to get the clients who can make it to the time, to stick.

To determine who to place in hard to fill time slots, you want:

  1. Instructors who are good at keeping new clients

  2. Will do everything they can to keep clients

  3. Have a high VTC ratio so that their cost to you is low relative to the revenue that they generate (this also keeps your cost low if it doesn't work out)

  4. Who have a low number of classes so they are hungry for more.

Instructor Report Metrics To Look At:

  • Studio Return Rate

  • Use FitGrid Pro follow-ups

  • VTC ratio (Value to Cost)

  • Low # of classes

What To Do:

  1. Look at your instructor reports

  2. Find the instructors with the highest Studio Return Rates

  3. Remove those with the lowest VTCs

  4. Select the instructors with the highest FitGrid Pro follow-up Sent %s and Open Rates

  5. Ensure they have time in their schedules by looking for instructors with a low # of classes

  6. Ask whoever's left once you whittle down this list (and be flexible if you have to) whether they would be interested in building a new time slot

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