Setting Instructor Pay-Rate
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In order to calculate the profitability for the Instructor Monthly Performance Reports, each studio must fill in the pay-rate for each instructor.

On each report page, if a pay-rate is required, you will see a dialog window prompting you to add the pay-rate. You can also manually enter a new pay-rate by clicking on the Edit Pay Rate (or pencil icon on mobile), found on each report.

As shown, the pay-rate can be set as Paid Per Month or Paid Per Class.

Paid Per Month

Simply enter the monthly salary for the instructor and what date that salary took effect. See more on the start date for pay-rates below.

Paid Per Class

Simply enter the payment for each class the instructor receives. If their payments vary between classes (for example by modality) please enter an average amount.

Bonus Per Class & Threshold

When entering the instructor's pay-rate per class, you can also set a bonus amount that the instructor gets per client. In addition, you can set the threshold for the bonus to take effect. For example: If your bonus per client was $2, your threshold entered was 12 and a specific class had 20 visitors, we would calculate the bonus to the instructor for that specific class to be $16.

Date Pay-Rate Went Into Effect

Simply enter the date the instructor started receiving the entered pay-rate. Please note: You can enter multiple pay rates, with different start dates. Each report will use the last pay-rate set for a given month. For example: If the pay-rate changed in mid-month, it would use the latter pay-rate for that month's calculations.

By default we set this date field to two months back, as this covers any reports that would be recalculated based upon entering a new pay-rate. We do not regenerate reports older than 2 months.

What If My Payment Structure Isn't Covered?

We offer the current payment-structures based on speaking to studios and defining the most common use-cases. If you have a payment-structure that doesn't fit this model or you need additions to either method please let us know.

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