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Limitations and Considerations: Win-backs
Limitations and Considerations: Win-backs

Review the following article for some considerations when using the Win-backs feature.

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Below are some limitations and considerations to understand when using FitGrid's Win-backs feature.

When are Win-backs sent for each timeframe once activated?
When you activate Win-backs for your studio, the system starts sending messages to the segments of people you have setup Win-backs for, according to the timeframe in the Win-back. Win-back emails are sent on a rolling window based on the timeframe setup.

  • For example, if you activated a 90 day campaign on July 1, 2021, only the clients who had their last visit to the studio ON April 1 would be emailed a Win-back message on July 1. Then on July 2, only clients who had their last visit to your studio on April 2, would be emailed a Win-back message.

What happens if the Win-back client attended the most classes with an instructor who is no longer teaching at the studio?

If the instructor a client has visited the most is not activated for Win-backs the message will default to be delivered from the next most visited instructor. If none are active, the message will be sent from a default sender. If you would prefer win-back emails coming from a default sender leave all instructor unselected.

Owner-level access is required to activate the Win-backs feature.

If you're attempting to activate Win-backs with Manager-level permissions to the FitGrid LIVE dashboard please contact your account owner as they will be the only person to activate your account for Win-backs.

How to measure effectiveness for Win-backs?

You cannot see which Win-back messages have been sent and to whom. The only win-back reports available currently is the data in the tile at the bottom of the dashboard. To view more, click the "See all months" page linked from that tile. This info updates in the daily in our overnight sync with Mindbody.

All pricing options will be pulled when attaching an offer to a Win-back.

When attaching a pricing option to your Win-back message offer, you will see all of your pricing options include some that may no longer be active in your site. Confirm the pricing option is correct by ensuring the current selling price is correct.

Who is eligible for Win-backs?

Only studios located within the US are eligible to use this feature.

What steps do I need to take to delete an Instructor who previously used Win-backs?
Before deleting an instructor you MUST disable Win-back messages for the instructor. If you do not the Win-back messages will continue to send and you will not be able to turn the feature off after the instructor is deleted. In this case you would need to contact FitGrid Support to reactivate the instructor so you can disable the Win-backs for their profile.

Ready to activate this feature? Learn more by clicking the links below:

๐Ÿ’ฌ If you have questions or want assistance with set-up, chat us from within your FitGrid dashboard.

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