The first step to setting your instructors up with the FitGrid Pro App is to locate their name within the Instructor Settings on your FitGrid Studio Admin dashboard. If you're unable to locate the instructor after loading new information from Mindbody, there are several causes for this:

The missing instructor is new and not yet scheduled to teach an upcoming class within two weeks.

  • If you would like to set your instructor up with a Pro App account prior to their first class so they can train, schedule a test class within the next two weeks with this instructor and they will load into the FitGrid Instructor list.

The missing instructor was previously "deleted" from your Instructor list and therefore needs to be reinstated.

  • If the missing instructor taught with your studio in the past, you may have deleted their profile from the dashboard. To reinstate them, please start a support chat with us within your Studio Admin dashboard.

The missing instructor does not have a Staff Profile within your Mindbody site.

  • Only instructors who have a Staff Profile in Mindbody will populated in your FitGrid Instructor list. Please add this instructor into your Mindbody as a staff member and allow 24 hours for the instructor to populate within Mindbody.

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